Thailand is a major pineapple producer globally, producing mainly canned pineapple and pineapple juice for the European market. Thailand's pineapple industry has been suspected of serious violations of basic human and labour rights. Migrant workers mostly from Myanmar, have reported confiscated work permits and passports and paying significant amounts of recruitment fees to labour contractors and brokers. There have been reports about factory brokers threatening and beating workers as well as making unlawful deductions from the workers' salaries. Thai pineapple industry has raised significant international attention also because of actions of one company, Natural Fruit. Thai company Natural Fruit is suing a human rights activist Andy Hall after he conducted worker interviews for Finnwatch report published in 2012. Hall's research findings were used in a report highlighting serious labour rights abuses in Natural Fruit factory. Hall faces trials for criminal defamation and charges under the Computer Crimes Act. The international outcry has increased demanding that charges against Hall should be dropped.


More information about the legal case against Andy Hall:

Finnwatch report on Thai pineapple industry can be read here (in English)