Curated from the contributions to our competition, the European Food Vision Photo Exhibition has been touring through various locations in Europe and will continue to do so.

About the photo exhibition in Belgium

In Belgium the mobile photo exhibition was launched during the annual conference of the EEB taken place on 19 October in Flagey, Brussels. The exhibition containing a selection of 20 pictures and printed in large format was shown to key European policy makers and to more than 140 European environmental organisations.

The second location of our exhibition has been La tricoterie a conference venue where a repair café is organised in the evening. During the day members of EEBs could enjoy the exhibition.

Then our exhibition went to the DEAR fair where the Supply Chainge project was presented.

The next location has been Mundo B, also in Brussels. Mundo-b belongs to the family of Mundo centres aiming to bring together forces driving for change and provide them with a functional working space. During 1 month the pictures were shown in the café/restaurant of the building. This space is used by 22 organisations based in this building and by many other guests for conferences.

After the success at Mundo B our exhibition will continue running in 2016. Two more locations from Mundo have been already allocated to continue our exhibition for 4 months longer: Mundo J and Mundo N.