Justice for my cookies

The Cookie Campaign links the problematic of the palm oil production to the consumption of cookies in Europe. GLOBAL2000 and Südwind reported land conflicts in Indonesia. This proves the on-ground consequences of palm oil production. The public shall know about the working conditions, land conflicts and the environmental degradation behind palm oil.

Although other products have palm oil as their main ingredient, we chose chocolate cookies as a symbol for the campaign because they gather other ingredients covered in different reports made for the SUPPLY CHA!NGE project such as sugar and cocoa – nevertheless the cookie campaign sets the focus on palm oil.

We can find some common elements in all the reports, like the fact that there are bottle necks in the different supply chains and that EU is an important importer. Besides, the cookie topic as such highlights the general problems in these supply chains like child labour, low wages, health and safety problems and environmental issues like biodiversity loss, pesticides and pollution of water and land, common to the previous reports.

To get active, we launched a petition. Together with your signitures we demand the European Union to implement mechanisms that hold companies accountable for what is happening in their supply chains. These mechanisms need to be binding to have the desired impact.

Please help us to stop abuses against nature and indigenous peoples in the supply chains of European businesses. Sign our petition:

Justice for my cookies: stop sacrificing environment and human rights