Imola Bedo, European Commission, DG Environment

Food and the EU Product Environment Pilot Phase ( áudio )



Luis Flores, Consumers International 

Perspectives on Sustainability in European Food Chains ( áudio )



Rosita Zilli, EuroCoop

Sustainable Food Chain: What Does it Take?
A Consumer Co-operative's Standpoint
( áudio )



Marcel Gomes, Reporter Brasil

Grievances and Challenges in the Production of Food, Feed, Fuel and Fiber in Brazil.
Selected Examples
( áudio )



Andreas Kratz, Fairtrade International

The Power of Power-Full Relations  ( áudio )



Jim Bracken, GS1 

The Role of Traceability in Ensuring Transparency Across the Value Chain ( áudio )



Sabrina Bosson, Fair Labour Association 

Driving Fair Labour Standards in Food Supply Chain ( áudio )



Friedel Huetz-Adams, Suedwind Institut

From the Identification of Hot Spots to a More Sustainable Value Chains ( áudio )



James Mwai, Fairtrade Africa

Opportunities for Fair Supply Chain.
A Regional Perspective
( áudio )



Simone Pedrazzini, Quantis 

Organisation Environmental Footprint Sector Rules: Pilot Project for the Retail Sector.
How Can it Help Identify Ways for Improvement
( áudio )



Louise Luttikholt, Helvetas Intercooperation 

Building Consensus on Shared Objectives-Insights
from Discussions on Pesticide Reduction
( áudio )



Victor Prada, Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN

Benefits of Collaboration. Case Study: PPP and CSR in Global Value Chains.
A Multistakeholder platform for Sustainable Production and Trade
( áudio )



Lars Mortensen, European Environment Agency

The Sustainable Development Goals and the Opportunity for Retailers ( áudio )



Sandra Dusch, Christliche Initiative Romero

Sweet or Bitter? Sustainability Hotspots in Europe's Favorite Juice Flavor ( áudio )



Martin Wildenberg, Global 2000 

Sweet or Bitter? Sustainability Hotspots in Europe's Favorite Juice Flavor ( áudio )



Sonia Vartiala, Finnwatch 

Thai Tuna Industry. Socially Responsible Tuna? ( áudio )



Sanne van der Wal, SOMO

EU Supermarket Policy for Decent Work and Fair Trading Practices ( áudio )